This is personal. A period of emotional upset, financial uncertainty, and major transition. Your judgment may feel clouded, yet you have significant choices to make about the future of your family and your assets.

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Margot Beasley: Compassionate Family Counsel from paternity issues to orders of protection, a variety of family matters require sensitive yet proactive legal support. This is exactly what the Law Offices of Margot H. Beasley, a trusted St. Louis law firm, will offer. Ms. Beasley is known for her compassionate counsel, her tenacious representation of her clients, and her in-depth understanding of family law.


Margot Beasley has earned a reputation as an up front and honest advocate. She is direct in her assessment of every situation, and her experience allows her to predict outcomes without making false promises. The Law Offices of Margot H. Beasley is client-centered, and our approach is individually tailored to meet each client’s goals. Clients are emotionally supported and legally protected, every step of the way. We capably maintain the balance between compassionate counsel and expert advocacy. Margot has extensive experience successfully litigating complex divorce and custody cases and is a bulldog when you need one.


  • Sarah D.

    Margot is TOUGH but reasonable. She will not let you get bullied by your EX and she always has your back. She not only wants what is best for her... read more

  • EB U.

    There is one word that comes to my mind when I think about Margot and that is amazing! I was in a very abusive horrible marriage and once I retained... read more

  • Amanda D.

    YOU FOUND YOUR LAWYER!!!! I used a lawyer that made me feel worthless, insecure, and didn’t explain anything to me. I was confused and my life was miserable.... read more

  • Leslie

    HIRE HER! Margot is truly a one of a kind lawyer. She has compassion, drive, and pure determination to get the absolute best results for her clients. She exceeded our expectations and... read more

  • Gil

    The High Road I am an attorney of over 25 years but I had no experience with divorce or family issues. Right before Christmas, 2016, I found myself removed from my home and... read more

  • Sarah

    Margot ROCKS! Margot is TOUGH but reasonable. She will not let you get bullied by your EX and she always has your back. She not only wants what is best for her... read more

  • Julie

    Simply the BEST Margot is simply the best family law attorney I have ever dealt with! She came highly recommended to me by a friend. I was going through a very difficult time... read more

  • Ms. H.

    Ms. Heather Rawls Margot was flexible and willing to meet with me outside of normal business hours to accommodate my schedule. She made time to meet with me with short notice to review... read more

  • Gilbert

    Alimony case If you need a good attorney Margot Beasley I think is one of the best. She took my case witch was no chance to a slim chance of me winning.... read more

  • Jimmy

    Margo Beasley is a friend first! Ethical, compassionate, caring and fair are not usually words associated with a family law attorney...until now. I am grateful for the representation and results both myself and kids were awarded... read more

  • Leslie

    Professional and caring Margo has been so great to work with. She’s been fair and honest with us though all we have gone through. She’s always there for advice as well as to... read more

  • Tracey B.

    Devoted and Compassionate My family and I have had the privilege of Margot providing us with legal advice and guidance during some difficult situations. Specifically pertaining to guardianship of my five year old... read more

  • John

    Amazing Attorney Margot helped me during the most difficult and stressful time in my life. She was available when I needed her throughout the entire process. She fought for my rights as... read more

  • Jaime

    Honest, Sincere, Intelligent and Kind Margot greeted me with open arms after I fired my previous attorney. He was pushing me to ask for things I didn't want all in the name of "playing the... read more

  • Ginny

    Exceptional Attorney Margot Beasley (Thank You So Much) For those of you that believe in an higher power (God) and (since I had to get a divorce), I prayed that he would help me choose the right attorney... read more

  • Lorna

    A great person, and an even better Lawyer After many, many negative experiences with attorneys in the past, I am truly grateful to have come across Ms. Beasley. Her professionalism and pure dedication to your case and experience... read more

  • anonymous

    Review Margo Beasley is a highly professional, highly motivated individual. She showed me the caliber of a person she is made of. I am very pleased with her ability, performance, and... read more

  • Akp 9.

    YOU FOUND YOUR LAWYER!!!! I used a lawyer that made me feel worthless, insecure, and didn’t explain anything to me. I was confused and my life was miserable.... read more

Partner With a Compassionate Family and Divorce Lawyer in St. Louis, MO

Divorce is a major decision, and there can be a lot at stake. The terms of your divorce can have a lifelong impact on your finances, your relationship with your children, and more. When emotions are running high, it can be difficult to make sound decisions and navigate the legal process. If you find yourself in this situation, or any legal situation regarding your family, the Law Offices of Margot H. Beasley is here to advise and represent you. Margot Beasley is a passionate and experienced divorce lawyer based in St. Louis, MO. She provides honest counsel and assertive representation to clients facing a wide variety of complex and unique legal issues surrounding divorce, child custody, paternity, and more.

Protect Your Relationship With Your Child With the Help of an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

Nothing is more important to you than your child’s wellbeing and your relationship with them. If you are getting divorced and want to ensure a fair custody arrangement, Margot Beasley will advise you and fight for your interests. If you are already divorced and want to adjust your child custody agreement due to a change in circumstances, she can also help you petition the court for a modification.

Request a Free Consultation and Get the Professional Guidance You Need

Regardless of your situation, you don’t have to face it alone. Bring your case to an experienced family law attorney and get the help you need to protect your rights and interests. Margot will be there through every step of the process to take some of the weight off your shoulders and ensure that your voice is heard. Call (314) 727-5533 or fill out our online contact form to request a free initial consultation today.

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