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Family courts issue orders for child custody, child support, and alimony agreements. These orders are based on the family’s circumstances at the time. When circumstances change significantly, either or both parties can request a modification. Modifications are very common in family law cases, but you will need to provide sufficient proof of your changed circumstances for your motion to be granted.


Margot Beasley is a custody and child support attorney based in Clayton, MO. She can help you determine if a modification is likely to be accepted, file the petition on your behalf, and represent you in your hearing if an agreement can’t be negotiated outside of court.

When Circumstances Change, Court Orders Can Be Modified

Grounds for Modifying Child Support Orders:


  • Substantial increase or decrease in the gross income of either parent 
  • Either parent has become disabled 
  • Substantial new living expenses for the child or change in the child’s residence  

Child support modifications are commonly requested when the paying parent loses their job. A child support attorney may advise you to request a temporary modification until you are able to find employment or hold off on requesting a modification until you are employed again at a lower income.


Grounds for Modifying Child Custody Orders:


  • Either parent has physically relocated 
  • One parent has refused to adhere to the terms of the agreement 
  • Either parents’ personal circumstances have changed 
  • The child is in danger while in one parent’s custody 

A compassionate family law attorney at the Law Offices of Margot H. Beasley will represent you throughout the process if you wish to request a modification.  

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