COVID-19 And Family Law


It’s safe to say that the recent development of COVI D-19 has changed our way of life. It’s disrupted the economy, it’s forced us to social distance from our friends and loved ones, and it’s put tremendous financial and emotional strains on families all around the country. In these times, family matters become even more dire because of all of the uncertainty with the tremendous health risks that are permeating throughout all of our cities. With an increased risk for domestic violence due to COVID-19, marriages are certainly being pushed to their limits all throughout the country.


Here at the Law Offices of Margot H Beasley, we want you to know that we’re here to support you throughout these trying times. Whether you’re going through a divorce and managing a custody battle, or if you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship to your spouse and are seeking an option, we’re here to help you learn more about family law during COVID-19.


Remember, Rough Patches Are Normal – Especially Now


In every relationship, hitting a rough patch is quite common, and it shouldn’t always be a cause for concern. With the increase in social distancing and self-isolating, you’re likely spending more time with your spouse than you have in recent years, and in some cases, perhaps more than you ever have throughout your entire relationship.


However, it’s important to recognize when a rough patch is more than just a rough patch. We’re always standing at the ready to serve and consult with you with patience and compassion. We know just how difficult these situations can be, and we are always striving to ensure that you’re well aware of your legal options when it comes to divorce or custody.


You’re Not Alone


Even during the worst of the worst in your relationship, we want you to know that you’re never alone. We are always here to help you navigate the waters of divorce, custody, and family matters during these unprecedented times. If you’ve recently gone through a divorce, understanding your parental rights during shared custody settlements can certainly be quite challenging – especially with the current social distancing guidelines. If you have reason to believe that your children are being exposed to a potential health hazard, we’d be happy to help you navigate those waters and ensure that your rights and the rights of your children are considered and protected no matter the circumstances.


We’re Here To Be Your Advocate


With years of experience in family law, Margot is proudly here to serve as her clients’ biggest advocate. When parties simply cannot work together toward a resolution, Margot is always willing to step in as a tenacious advocate for her clients and their families. Even during a time where we’re restricted to our homes, Margot strives to reassure her clients that they’re never alone, and that they always have a passionate advocate willing to fight for their rights.


Consult With Margot Today


If you’d like to consult with Margot regarding divorce, custody, or family matters, we’d encourage you to reach out to the Law Offices of Margot H Beasley today.


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